In iHARVEST we believe in investing and grooming our people to help them realise their full potential with our team of experienced and dedicated leaders,You will have the support of a nurturing environment to achieve growth and success. To ensure everyone in our family to excel is our commitment to you.

Why Join Us?

Structured Training Programmes to Help You Reach The Top

  • Get mentored by your leaders who will guide you to success

  • Different types of paid trainee programmes for you to learn and bring in the dough at the same time

  • Weekly product training by various insurers to beef up your product knowledge

A Comprehensive Suite Of Support Systems To Help You Grow Your Business.

  • Lead generation provisions for you to participate in to help kick-start your business

  • Attractive campaigns and conventions in place for you on top of your basic compensation

A Myriad Of Digital Tools To Help You Be Better And Faster At Serving Your Clients

  • eWP a digital submission platform to assist you in doing a comprehensive wealth planning for your clients

A Wide Network of Business Partners

That you can tap on to provide a holistic financial planning For your clients







Attractive Compensation Package and Perks

Earn while you learn

No limit to your income

Be recognised at our awards night when you excel

Dream of destination for conventions

With all Our System And Support In Place You Are Closer To Achieve Your Career Goals


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